Twitter Manifesto

  1. Topics I Tweet About – The theme is living life to the fullest…
    • You’ll see inspirational quotes, both original and retweeted. Interspersed with those there will be personal experience, whether it’s writing or some of my hobbies like inline skating (rollerblading), bicycling, writing, etc.
    • When I can think of something interesting, informative, or humorous to tweet to a trending hashtag, I’ll throw those in there too.
    • Engaging other tweeters in potential conversations that might be interesting to more than just the two of us? Yeah, I do that too. Twitter is a party, right? If you want privacy, visit Facebook. Did I just say that? LOL.
  2. No Follow-Backs – if you follow me, sure, I might check out what you’re tweeting about and follow you if I’m actually interested in your content. Presumably if you’re following me it’s because you’re actually interested in some of what I’ve been tweeting. Thanks for the compliment. But if you’re following because you’re just hoping for a follow-back, please don’t hold your breath. I do appreciate follows though, and if I find your content interesting I’ll pay back by…
    • Favoriting something you tweeted.
    • Retweeting it – though probably not right away. I like to tweet older gems out of my favorites list before I move ’em out.
    • I’ll put you on a public list of recommended tweeters if the stuff you’re posting happens to fit an appropriate list category in my profile.
  3. Private MessageNo Private Messages – if I’m not following you, then you’re not able to send me a private message.  See item 2 above. Why not just use the contact form here instead? Why limit our private conversation to just 140 characters. Then again, does it really need to be private? If it’s a topic that might be interesting to our mutual followers, why not give them an opportunity to read and possibly join in the conversation? (See what I tweet about, item 1.)

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