About This Blog

What’s this site about?

About not wasting your life. About making it count for something. About having a purpose, and seeing it fulfilled. About making your personal experience more exciting than anything you could bother to see on a movie screen (sorry, Hollywood).

It all started with a couple of dreams. Really vivid dreams. And I’m a guy who rarely remembers my dreams at all, much less have really realistic ones.

The dream that started it all went like this…

Road to Paradise

I’m outside on a nice beautiful sunny afternoon, enjoying the great outdoors.

Then the sun turned red. Then it starts to get bigger. And bigger. And bigger. It’s filling up the whole sky. Things all around start to catch on fire. People are panicking, going crazy. Then it’s all gone. The Earth is engulfed. Vaporized.

No warning, no asteroid or comet that could somehow be diverted, no disaster that could be prepared for or avoided. And the whole thing took about – you probably guessed it – 8 minutes.

What would you be thinking or doing, if you suddenly realized that everything, not just your life, but all of civilization, the whole human race, was going to be gone in a few minutes?

What can you do in 8 minutes? Pray?

Praying Hands

Think about all the things you never got a chance to do? All the things you should have done, that you now regret?

Why 8 minutes? It takes light from the Sun just over 8 minutes to reach the Earth. So, when the Sun gets ready to do what stars do, in the next stage of it’s life cycle, it will turn into a red giant. Meaning, it will get so huge that the current orbit of the Earth will be inside the star. Meaning, we get vaporized.

Now, I didn’t even give any of this a thought before my dream. I looked it all up afterwards. And it got me thinking, what needs to change in my life, that will make a difference, should this happen sometime soon? I know, I know, scientists say it won’t happen for a long, long time yet. But hey, what do they know, really? Some of them actually still believe in “evolution”. Oh, don’t worry, we’ll get to that can of worms. But this page is neither the time or the place.

That should be enough to let you know what to expect here. Experiencing life. Making it count. Start by doing something new, that you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the time for. Be bold.


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