Distractions – Maintaining Concentration and Focus

Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam

So I thought to myself, hey, what a great idea… why be stuck in my room on the computer when I can just take my netbook out to the beach, and do my writing there?

Of course, there’s no WiFi anywhere nearby, so I’m resorting to either LibreOffice or BlogDesk to do my writing.

It turns out, this particular spot on the beach, though very picturesque, is also kind of distracting. The view has the Santa Monica pier on the left, the hills of Malibu on the right, and people bicycling and rollerblading left and right.

The point is, while I’ve got the Pacific Ocean in front of me and these great views left and right, I’ve also got the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH to the locals) behind my back. And most of the time there’s a lot of traffic and it’s kind of noisy. Yeah. I’m not one of those city folk who just got used to the traffic and can blot it out.

So it kind of impedes what I really wanted to write today, which is some poetry. Maybe some song lyrics. Who knows, maybe by the time I finish writing this, I’ll have learned to focus past the distractions.

Which is what I want to address right now. Distractions. Specifically, distractions for Christians. Even more specifically, distractions for Christians who are actively seeking the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember what Jesus said? The Kingdom of Heaven is among you. Seek first the Kingdom, and all those things that are worrying you? They all go away. Jesus promised to take care of them.

Here’s the thing though… the more successful you are at seeking the Kingdom, the more successful you are in imparting that wisdom and truth to other people as you walk your own Christian walk, the more you grow and help other people to do so, the more The Adversary will start paying attention to what you’re doing, and the more he’ll do to try and stop what you’re doing.

On way he does this that I see addressed a lot in blogs and in sermons is trials and temptations. Yes, he’ll do his best to cause you to stumble and fall. He’ll do his best to make things more difficult for you. But our adversary is a wiley one. Sometimes he doesn’t even have to go to the trouble to do anything that traumatic.

Sometimes, what he’ll bring you is a distraction. Something not troubling, but pleasing. Something perhaps so overwhelmingly pleasurable, event though not necessarily sinful, that it takes your eyes off the work in front of you, the things that God meant for you to be doing with the talent He’s given you so that you may indeed seek first His Kingdom to the best of your ability.

London traffic lights - t2i

For me, there’s the simple distraction of the highway behind me. But I’ve got a confession to make. I have an even greater distraction. One so great that I can in no way even consider giving it up. Because I’m convinced that though this is something that perhaps The Enemy intended as a distraction, what this will end up being is something incredibly good. What he intended for evil, God will use for His Glory, and I will most certainly be like King David and shout what He’s done in my life from the rooftops, just as soon as it manifests itself more fully.

This is going to be an incredible testimony. How do I know that? because we’re told in 1st John 5 that when we pray something according to God’s will, we can be sure that He hears us, and if we can be sure that He hears us, then we can be sure that He’ll answer our prayers. And I have every conviction and belief that what I’ve been praying is according to His will, and every expectation that He will answer.

So stay tuned 🙂


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