Distractions – Maintaining Concentration and Focus

Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam

So I thought to myself, hey, what a great idea… why be stuck in my room on the computer when I can just take my netbook out to the beach, and do my writing there?

Of course, there’s no WiFi anywhere nearby, so I’m resorting to either LibreOffice or BlogDesk to do my writing.

It turns out, this particular spot on the beach, though very picturesque, is also kind of distracting. The view has the Santa Monica pier on the left, the hills of Malibu on the right, and people bicycling and rollerblading left and right.

The point is, while I’ve got the Pacific Ocean in front of me and these great views left and right, I’ve also got the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH to the locals) behind my back. And most of the time there’s a lot of traffic and it’s kind of noisy. Yeah. I’m not one of those city folk who just got used to the traffic and can blot it out.

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