How Baby Jesus Became a Slimy Snake

This season is all about WHAT happened for most people. The story is all too familiar, right? A stable, some donkeys and shepherds and wise men. Throw in a few angels and of course Jesus, and you have The Christmas Story.

What’s missing here is the WHY? What’s the real point to all this, the deeper meaning? What’s the big deal about the arrival of THIS particular baby?

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Am I a Bible-Thumper, or What?



Meaning, not a Bible Thumper. The other thing. The “what”. Though I kind of am. A thumper that is. Wait. Which is it?

One day when I was still in my teens, my mom, observing how I was always reading fantasy and sci-fi novels, asked me, “Why don’t you read your Bible once in a while?”

To which I replied, “Because if I want to read fiction, I’d rather read something interesting.”

Wow. I have been eating those words ever since.

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Feeling out of place can be a GOOD thing

Another Place by Rob :)
Another Place, a photo by Rob đŸ™‚ on Flickr.

Ever feel like you don’t belong in this World? Like there really isn’t anyplace here that feels like home? Does that make you wonder if there is something wrong with you?

Why would I say that this feeling is a GOOD thing?

Feeling like you don’t belong here is a sign that God’s trying to call you, to tell you something. It’s possible to feel lonely even when surrounded by people. Ever get lost in a big city? Sometimes the more people, the more lost you feel.

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So the World Hasn’t Blown Up Yet

* Asteroids * by pareeerica
* Asteroids *, a photo by pareeerica on Flickr.

That final climatic Winter Solstice of 2012 happened in Los Angeles around 3AM this morning.

It’s now 4 hours later, and I haven’t even felt a mild earthquake here.

Was all the commotion about nothing? That’s really not much of a surprise to me.


Not the reason you would think. Not the scientific ones, or the historical ones. Rather, because the Bible has been 100% accurate about it’s predictions thus far. And…

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